12 Great Reasons to Shop Local in New Ross

When you choose to support a locally owned New Ross business, you create a domino effect!

When you choose to support a locally owned New Ross business, you create a domino effect, starting with your own experience….

Engage with your local community,  help to build the towns economy because the success of local businesses attracts and encourages other entrepreneurs to start businesses in our town, which leads to more jobs and revenue re-circulating throughout our community.

Why Shop Local ? ( you do the math…)

The evidence for buying close to home makes for compelling reading – for every €10 spent at a locally-owned business, €7.30 remains in the local town’s economy, and €2.70 leaves…..
Now compare that to the same €10 spent at a non-locally owned business, where €4 remains in the local economy and €6 leaves.  Recent worldwide research indicates that local eateries return nearly 79% of revenues into their local community, compared with 29% for global chain restaurants. When the profits stay local, it increases all the community’s wealth and standard of living. 

Here are 12 great reasons to keep your cash close to home:

  • Economy – Local business owners are more likely to shop in other local businesses -keeping money moving in our local town’s economy even longer.
  • The Experience – Who really wants to order everything they own off a screen or empty their pockets into the coffers of the mega companies…wouldn’t you rather give it to a little local gem, who may also be your neighbour down the road.
  • Personal Investment – Local businesses are more likely to work harder to stay open. Important decisions that are being made are actually made by people who live in our town and feel the impact of those key decisions first hand.
  • Discover The People Behind the Business – We have personalities that you won’t find anywhere else and that’s what makes our town unique to us as well as visitors.
  • Local Jobs – The more volume, the more workers required…more employment, Simples!
  • Product Knowledge – A key component in your purchase, these guys know their offering so they can best educate you and easily adjust their stock to what you want to buy.
  • Cost/Time Effective – Sometimes nipping into a local businesses works out much better for you, the environment and your pocket as  don’t have all those silly extra expenses.
  • Less Money Exported – Local businesses tend to buy & sell with other local businesses – with national or multi-national firms, most profit are leaked out of the community, the county or even the country.
  • Tiny But So Helpful – Small independents & boutiques do what they do because they are passionate, take more time to get to know their customers and will go the extra mile to help you.
  • Town Proud – Shopping locally is the best way to show pride in the town, shout loudly about the things that make our town unique and help rejuvenate the businesses of the town.
  • Local Community Support – Many sports, clubs and groups rely on sponsorship or support from small local businesses.
  • Make The Town A Destination – The more vibrant activity, the more we attract new visitors to the town, making it the newest destination. This benefits everyone!

Continue to support local businesses with your presence and euros. Supporting locally is a big part of what our brand Visit New Ross was created for, not just because we are a local business, but because we feel it is such an important part of helping to create a great town for our children to inherit.

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