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5km radius of New Ross Town

What does a 5km Radius of New Ross look like ?

A very handy website to guide you to a 5km boundary
Want to know what 5km from your home is? Pop your address into this website and it will give you a 2km radius from your home.
5km From Home

April 23, 3:10 PM

Wexford coco to assist gardaí with drones to monitor beaches and caravan parks

Wexford coco to assist gardaí with drones to monitor beaches and caravan parks.

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The use of drones remains the new go-to technology for monitoring areas with little to no manpower required. They can be adapted to solve problems such as monitoring public areas or even making public announcements via their built in speakers.

Since March 27th a series of actions have been carried out along the coastline in
order to assist in the compliance with Government regulations in relation to social distance. All of the actions have been carried out in close consultation and co-ordination with An Garda Siochana.

Below is a map of the county and while there are over 70 locations in the
County where people can access beaches the list as compiled by our team are the
areas where larger crowds visit. (Locations listed staring from North to South)

  • Street furniture including seats and picnic tables have been removed from
    a number of coastal areas in the last fortnight.
    Coffee vans and ice-cream vans have been removed from the Curracloe area
  • At the locations below signage has been erected emphasising the social distancing requirement of 2m.
  • The coastline has been divided into 4 areas
    1. Wicklow/Wexford border to Morriscastle
    2. Morriscastle to the Raven Forest
    3. Rosslare to Bannon Bay
    4. Bannow Bay to Duncannon
    The coastal accesses along on these 4 stretches of beaches have been
    monitored on a daily basis (7 day week) by a team of inspectors who
    report on activity within their areas of responsibility.
    Any incident of concern is reported to the Senior Engineer who in reports
    to An Garda Siochana

  • Most of the beach car parks have been closed at this stage and certain
    key ones are also manned from 08.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs.
  • Caravan Parks and holiday home villages have been monitored over the
    last week and in particular at the Easter week-end. The inspections have
    been complimented with drone footage of certain areas within the county


Location Additional measures

  • Ballymoney Car park closed and manned
  • Courtown Main large car park in Courtown closed
  • Old Bawn Car park closed
  • Cahore Car park closed
  • Morriscastle Car park closed
  • Ballinesker* Car park closed
  • Curracloe* Car park closed and manned
  • Culleton’s Gap* Car park closed and manned
  • Ardcavan Lane Public road at Ardcavan Lane near beach closed
  • Ferrybank Road to swimming pool and quay front at Ferrybank closed and manned
  • Rosslare Car park closed
  • Carne Car park closed
  • St Helen’s Car park closed
  • Kilmore Quay All 4 car parks closed
  • Cullenstown Car park to be monitored
  • Grange Parking area on public road near beach to be monitored
  • The Hook Parking area on public road near lighthouse to be monitored
  • Booley Bay Parking area on public road near beach to be monitored
  • Duncannon Beach car parking area park to be monitored

…and finally

It may be a while before we see the more advances drone technology that are currently undergoing trials in the Untied States –  The Draganfly drone is designed to both identify social distancing and detect symptoms in crowds. It is equipped with a specialised sensor and computer vision systems that can display fever, heart and respiratory rates, as well as people sneezing and coughing.

Vital Intelligence screen grab


April 20, 8:34 PM

Molloy’s Supervalu – Working through the pandemic

Molloy’s Supervalu – Working through the pandemic


While people are under stay-at-home and social distancing orders the locally owned Molloy’s SuperValu and it’s team are putting themselves on the frontline as they replenish their shelves and deliver orders to New Ross and surrounding areas.

We spoke with owners Bernie and Colum Molloy along with their Store Manager Tommy Morrissey to see how they are adapting to the current situation.

You were one of the first businesses to adapt to these new measures in the town, what has been the biggest difference ?
We have always offered a free home delivery service and have put a second van on the road to help reach all our loyal customers who are affected by the cocooning and isolation guidelines.

Our sanitising station is conveniently located at our entrance for peace of mind for our customers and staff alike. Sprays and wipes are provided to sanitise trolleys and baskets as well as gloves and hand sanitiser.

We are currently in the process of going live with our on line shopping and in the meantime we have set up a dedicated phone number for orders on ph: 083-3306934 and our additional e-mail address is molloysthequay@gmail.com We can also be messaged through our Facebook page.

As a store we want to try to limit the impact on our customers and our team are doing a great job implementing the new strict measures.

What products have you noticed being in high demand ?
Thankfully the panic buying seems to have subsided. The majority of supply chains are functioning as normal however basic cleaning products, toilet roll, baking supplies and hair dye seem to be very popular.


You can get in touch through Molloy’s Supervalu’s dedicated phoneline 083 – 3306934, email molloysthequay@gmail.com, or message their facebook page.


April 19, 6:14 PM

O’Neill’s Grocery Store – Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemic

O’Neill’s Grocery Store – Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemic

Grocery stores had been struggling, first against the rise of the multi-nationals, But for many independent grocers across Ireland, the coronavirus has provided an unexpected lift, as some shoppers are choosing to shop closer to home and avoid the large crowds of the bigger stores. One local grocery store is O’Neill’s, located on Wexford Street at the Three Bullet Gate, these guys have a community ( including older shoppers who are long standing customers ) dependent on their service and we chatted with one of the owners Liam O’Neill to see what measure they have had to implement.

for most people The last month feels like a whirlwind, how has the business had to adapt to deal with situation ?

For us, business has been up but we have definitely noticed how conscious people are on social distancing (which is a credit to town), so to help protect both the customers and workers, we have implemented a strict policy of only allowing 3 people access to the store at any one time.

It’s too bad it has taken an event like this to increase footfall, but it clearly demonstrates the need to maintain our local stores

Absolutely, now more than ever it is important to continue to shop local and keep small local businesses going and for the people who may not be able to access the store we are offering free local delivery, so whether that be newspapers, coal, loo roll, local milk or eggs, bacon ribs, homemade breads & rolls, some of our famous homemade salads from our deli or even some sweets and treats, just call us up and we will get the messages to you.

Local businesses working hard to keep us fed, and workers paid.

With people confined to their homes for long periods, what items have become popular ?

We stock local milk and eggs and in addition we have partnered with Ballyminane Mills (local miller John Murphy) for his local flour, the lockdown has seen baking supplies become somewhat of a precious commodity and we want to provide our customers with as much quality local produce as we can source.

Image may contain: food and indoor

has it been difficult working on the frontline during this pandemic ?

Our team has been brilliant, in supporting the local community, for some of our customers we may be the only person they see or speak to from one day to the next, there only interaction, and we love to hear their stories and chat with them, we’ve always been a family business and the local community is just an extension of that.


The humble corner shop may be small but has nearly everything you’ll ever need, with all kinds of goods piled high and stuffed onto crammed shelves. Now, after years of trying to fight the supermarket chains (and sadly, all too often losing) the humble grocery store is seeing a resurgence, and we for one are delighted with that.


For more information on O’Neill’s Grocery Store you can find them on their facebook page or for contact to arrange a home delivery 051-421 251

April 18, 7:39 PM

Urban Gym – Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemic

Urban Gym – Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemic

Urban Gym
Business practices are undergoing a seismic change with flexible remote offerings becoming the standard, with gyms closed across the country amidst the crisis, many are turning to at home fitness classes. so how has that affected a gym who only recently celebrated their first year in business in New Ross, we spoke to Urban Gym owner Andy Murphy to find out ?

5 Minute Home Work Out With Andy Murphy

How much have you improved since your first online class ?

If I’m honest the only thing that has really changed with our classes is the environment. People are still getting to experience the craic and banter while achieving a similar stimulus that the body achieves in the gym but now from the comfort of their own home. Teaching and also being in front of a camera is nothing new to me but teaching on my own in our sunroom with just Marina there for company has been a change but one we’re both enjoying. We have the craic with our walk ins and try to set the tone for the work out to come. I feel we’re getting better and growing each week and the interaction amongst everyone online fuels the fire. One of the biggest things we’ve noticed is our audience has really grown, not just locally but nationally and internationally.


Image may contain: 2 people

Your online session for cooped up kids and frustrated parents has been something of a lifesaver and has exploded, has that come as a surprise to you guys ?

I have to admit it has. It’s been truly humbling seeing so many kids taking part and enjoying themselves. The job satisfaction is immense. The idea was brought to us by Principle Gerry Moran of Bunscoil Rís and each week we’ve had more and more schools getting involved. It’s a chance for the whole family to get involved, parents and grandparents, and it’s a joy to see the photos of so many happy children’s faces doing the workout. On a personal level I’ve loved working out alongside my own 4 year old little rascal Nathan. It’s been a real highlight of this lockdown experience. We don’t take life too seriously and our main priority is to allow people to have fun getting up and being active. We’ve had so many messages from people who maybe haven’t actually done the class but tune in for the comedy value of the Rascals class.

Posted by Urban Gym on Monday, 30 March 2020


The online subscription for classes, was that something you guys were considering previously or has this situation just pushed you into innovating faster ?

It’s definitely something that was going to be introduced but I guess this whole situation has fast tracked the process. Many peoples biggest fear is walking through the gym door for the first time. That fear is taken away with online training and yet you still get to experience training with the trainer but from the comfort of your own home. What’s more people get to have the craic and interact online too. I feel it’s the perfect ice breaker for potentially making the leap of joining the gym. Additionally people can train with us live or if they miss the class it’s still saved so they can do it in their own time.

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4) The audience appears to be growing with every class, people are obviously loving your fun, can-do attitude, so now we suppose the goal for you guys is to reach a larger market and keeping spreading that positivity to people through-out Ireland ?

The thing with online training is that geography isn’t an issue. First and foremost we are extremely proud to be based in New Ross and we aim to continue to provide an exceptional service and experience for our members. That said, we’ve often received messages from people from other counties and countries saying they wished our gym was on their doorstep. That’s all down to the positivity and good vibes. Well now it’s practically in their living room, kitchen or garden! Our vision from day one has always been and will always be to create an environment where people want to go and workout rather than feel they have to. I specialise in bodyweight HIIT style workouts and anyone who knows me knows how energetic I am. I guess something I live by is not letting the things I can’t do affect the things I can. I genuinely love what I do and I will continue to aspire to inspire. Wherever that may be.



While there is help available for businesses through this pandemic, it’s the ones that are able to come up with innovative ways to keep trading that are likely to emerge the strongest and that is certainly applicable to this local gym.

To sign up for their new online classes or to follow the Urban story, head on over to their website, facebook or instagram 

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April 17, 7:04 PM

Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemic.

Meet the local services striving to evolve their business during the pandemicImage may contain: kitchen, table and indoor

First up we have local independent craftsman PJ Murphy and his business Ashcraft Kitchens have started offering courtesy consultations to help people remain safe in their homes while still being able to talk through design options for their kitchen or renovation project.

PJ is an expert in bespoke kitchens — so we spoke with him regarding one of his most recent designs

Image may contain: kitchen, table and indoor
Can we just say what a fantastic kitchen this is PJ, tell us what was the inspiration behind this design ?
I wanted to do something different, using the space and a mix of contrasting materials and finishes, creating a kitchen layout and design that would will hopefully inspire our clients and spark ideas. Whether someone wants to have this look recreated in their own home or take certain design elements and incorporate them into a totally different design, this display showcases what can be achieved when you have a large space to work with.  

Image may contain: table and indoor

Where did you get the inspiration for the colour choices ?
Creating a conceptual design allows you the freedom of a full design, with outside influences allowed for choices of materials, colours and finishes. The introduction of copper, walnut and quartz stone used in the overall design.

No photo description available.

How did you address their storage requirements ?
This design includes a number of storage solutions.
Highlights include : Deep drawers and pantry units along the cooker run of units perfect for everyday ingredients and dishware. Additional storage has also been integrated along the sink run side of the island, the large ladder units either side of the fridge are perfect for when the client comes in with their bags of shopping, all their food is in stored in one part of the the kitchen.

Image may contain: indoor

Ashcraft Kitchens – Now offering courtesy remote consultations

Have you begun picking your materials/colors for that kitchen remodel or renovation project, but are still having trouble envisioning it ? We are offering courtesy consultations where you can visit our showroom from the comfort of your own homeGet in contact and we can help with some of the creative process

Posted by Ashcraft Kitchens on Thursday, 16 April 2020


For more info regarding their courtesy consultations or to follow PJ’s journey, head on over to Facebook.com/ashcraftkitchens or www.ashcraftkitchens.ie

You can message or email PJ with photos of your current kitchen or architect plans of your build along with: your contact details, what look you are trying to achieve with your remodel and finally your ideal budget.

– PJ will then review your photos or PDFs and respond to you to set up either a phone call, Whats App, Facebook or Zoom appointment time to talk you through your design process.

April 16, 12:57 PM

Wexford leading the way for the nation

We have explored some of the reasons why Wexford might have fared well so far.

Like the country as a whole, Wexford and the South East region have been in a nationwide lockdown for the past 20 days and while one death is obviously too many (and will alter the lives of their loved ones forever) Wexford is fairing relatively well in contrast to other counties. In fact, Wexford sit with the lowest number of cases per capita in Ireland.

As of the 13th of April, 61 people had tested positive for coronavirus in the county – a slim figure compared to the 5,850 confirmed cases in Dublin or  Wicklow with 342 while neighbours Waterford have shown figures of 90 confirmed cases.

No photo description available.

Naturally, more people pass through Dublin – The fact that Wexford doesn’t see the same footfall in no way means it cannot be touched by coronavirus but it does make it likely that it will take longer to arrive in the way seen elsewhere.

People are listening

perhaps people are heeding advice?

Photos taken in recent days show Wexford frozen in time, without the people expected to travel over the holiday period.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, car, sky and outdoor

Despite the occasional report, it appears that the Government’s essential travel is a mantra that people are really trying to abide by.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor


Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, beach, outdoor, nature and water

Businesses have implemented and adhered to social distancing with the public for foods and other products, meaning the virus will naturally find it harder to spread.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

The local authority RESTRICTED Vehicular access to the beaches and their car parks.
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The head of communications with Wexford County Council, David Minogue – we’d love you to visit our county, just not now.


…and finally our community support and ‘frontline’ workers have been unBELIEVABLE.


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April 15, 12:02 PM

Helpful Business Numbers and Opening Hours New Ross

**Status, Service & Hours are subject to change due to circumstances. So Please call ahead before making any UNNECESSARY journeys


Joyces: 051 429 000 9.00 to 18.00 Monday to Saturday *(Closed for lunch 1 – 2pm)

 051 448 343 Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm Friday: 8.30am to 4pm

Sweeneys Garden Centre:
  051 420054 Orders by phone 087-2423286

051 420 572 Open Monday to Saturday 10-5pm

Euro Home: 
Open Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm

Molloy’s Supervalu:
051 425876

Full & Plenty (Fruit & Veg/Farm Shop/Deli): Monday to Saturday 9am – 3pm

Boyles Butchers: 051 425441 (Pre – Order Service)

O’Neills (Shop/Deli): 051 421 251 open until 8pm daily

Dermot Kehoes: (051) 420 088 Operating behind close doors *Not taking orders until Friday 17th April

Barrow Office Supplies:  
051 421508

Centra Sinnotts (Irishtown):
051 421 886 

Ann McDonalds (Shop/Deli):
051 425391

Kavanaghs (Newsagents):
051 421 983

Nugents (Newsagents):

Dillions Londis 051 397123 8am – 9pm daily

Daybreak (Shop/Newsagents):
051 425066 Mon – Sat 8am – 8pm Sun 9am – 7pm

Kellys Garage:
051 361 003

The Vape Shop New Ross:
085 820 1071

Take Out/deliveries:

Raymondos: 051 447 760 5pm – 9pm daily

Jade Garden: 051 425887 Mon – Sat  5pm – 11pm Sun 3pm – 11pm

The New Swan: 051 445 785 Mon – Sat  4pm – 10pm Sun 3pm – 10pm

The Holy Grail:
051 421307 Thur – Sat 4pm -9pm Sun 3 – 9pm

mo’mo Asian Food:
Sun – Thur 4pm – 10pm Fri – Sat 4pm – 10:30pm

051 440482 5pm – midnight daily *Closed Wednesdays

The Penguin:
051 440482 Tue – Thur 11:30am – 11:30pm Fri & Sat 11:30 – midnight
Sunday & Monday 5pm – 11:30pm

TJ Bellas:
087 119 1870 11am – 11pm

Tony’s Takeaway:
051 420040 4:30 – 10pm daily


Kelly Colfer Son and Poyntz Solicitors: 051 421212 Working behind closed doors.

Quirkes Dental:
051 421453 (Emergencies only)

Irishtown Vets:
051 421825 Mon – Fri 8.30am – 8pm Sat 8.30am – 5pm



Hanlys: 051 421 708  9am – 6pm Mon – Sat

051 421292 9am – 6pm Mon – Sat

051 421 522 9am – 6pm Mon – Sat *(Closed for lunch 1pm – 2pm)

Irishtown Pharmacy:
051 448332 086 2099668 Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6pm *(Closed for lunch 1pm – 2pm)

April 13, 9:24 PM

Selection of open businesses tomorrow Tuesday 14th April

If you’re wondering what businesses are open trying to help the community to function.

Joyces New Ross

Re-opening Tuesday 14th April
9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday Closed Saturday & Sunday (Closed for Lunch 1pm  – 2pm)

*Priority service will be given to those who call for essential items for themselves or those they are looking after.


Local Businesses of New Ross – Adapting to coronavirus

10am to 5pm – Monday to Saturday
Anthony has also just launched a new web store so you can

No photo description available.

Euro Home
9am to 6pm – Monday to Saturday

Dermot Kehoe Supply & DIY Limited
Dermot Kehoe Supply & DIY
Monday to Friday only
We will be back taking orders by phone and email for local delivery from Tuesday morning

Please note we are following public health advice we will be remain closed to the public until advised otherwise. Our lines are very busy – if you struggle to get through please email your name, number and order/enquiry to info@dermotkehoe.ie and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can We encourage you all to stay home and to stay safe – our team thank you for helping us to keep our business going in these difficult conditions! 😄

*€5 delivery charge on all orders under €300, local home delivery only. Payment via Card must be made at time of order.

Barrow Office Supplies

Barrow Office Supplies
Monday to Saturday
Barrow Office Supplies are here to supply all your essentials. In line with new Government regulations, all orders now must be either telephoned or emailed and we will organise delivery.
All telephone enquiries welcome. Tel: 051 421508

Essential Workwear and Cleaning equipment
Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

Friday: 8.30am to 4pm
tel: (051) 448 343

April 8, 3:04 PM

Local Businesses – €1 billion of supports now ready for Covid-19 impacted SMEs

Local Businesses – €1 billion of supports now ready for Covid-19 impacted SMEs
Heather Humphreys said today's package is a significant step-up in the supports available for all businesses at this very difficult time

The Minister for Business, Heather Humphreys, has announced further measures to help businesses cope with liquidity challenges posed by the Covid-19 restrictions.

Among the developments is a €450m expansion of two loan schemes operated by the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI).

The Working Capital Loan Scheme, which provides liquidity support to businesses, will receive a further €250m, bringing the total fund to €450m.

The Future Growth Loan Scheme, also operated by the SBCI, will receive an additional €200m that will be released in tranches to provide longer-term loans to firms that have been impacted by Covid-19.

The expansion of the schemes will bring to €650m the amount that the SBCI can offer by way of supports to companies through the main banks here.

At a press conference in Government Buildings this afternoon, the Minister also launched a €180m Sustaining Enterprise Fund which will help companies in the manufacturing and international services sectors that are vulnerable but viable.

Flagged by the Government a number of weeks ago, it was given state aid approval by the European Commission last week and launches today.

It is open to firms that employ 10 or more full-time employees and will see them offered loans of up to €800,000.

Among the other measures announced today is the extension of supports to get businesses trading online, worth €7.6m.

These supports will be available to micro enterprises through the Department of Communications’ existing €2,500 voucher scheme as well as to retailers that employ more than 10 staff through a new €2m Covid-19 Retail Online Scheme that will be operated by Enterprise Ireland.

Funding to enable Microfinance Ireland to offer Covid-19 loans has also been increased by €13m to €20m, with rates interest reduced from 7.8% to 4.5%.


Loans can be worth up to €50,000 with no interest or repayments for the first six months.

Two new supports will also come on stream to help firms planning for the future.

The first, the Business Financial Planning Grant, will come from Enterprise Ireland and offer up to €5,000 to help companies develop a Business Sustainment Plan and engage the services of an approved Financial Consultant

There will also be a new €2,500 LEAN Business Improvement Grant from Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland to help companies access expert advice to review and optimise operations and identify key measures needed to ensure continued viability.

The extra package brings to €1 billion the total amount of liquidity measures being made available for small and medium sized businesses here.

“This package is a significant step-up in the supports available for all businesses in all sectors at this very difficult time,” Heather Humphreys said.

“The measures have been developed to meet the varying needs of Irish enterprise and they are very specifically targeted by size, sector and need,” the Minister added.

Enterprise Ireland has welcomed the new supports and said its €180m scheme was now open.

“Enterprise Ireland client companies have already seen a significant impact on their businesses from Covid-19,” said Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon. “While their immediate focus has been on dealing with the welfare of their employees, they are also being impacted by a collapse in demand in certain sectors, supply chain disruption and cashflow challenges.

“My strong advice to companies is, if you haven’t already done so, to prepare an assessment of your financial requirements and progress funding applications to the banks and the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) immediately. Enterprise Ireland’s new Business Financial Planning grant will help companies to prepare a Business Sustainment Plan.”

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