Ashgrove Yoga

This New Ross business will see you swinging from the ceiling and showing off your inner circus skills.

Have you ever been daydreaming and found yourself thinking, ‘hey, wouldn’t life be so much better if I were hanging upside down?’ Well, Tania Murphy at Ashgrove Yoga did. The beautiful roof top studio (Ashgrove, Kilscanlon) with a tagline of “Fly, Flow, Float” I think you get the picture. They run various different styles of suspended classes, each with a fresh twist of aerial, swing and mobility. Outside of their mat based yoga classes, Tania offers brave yogis the chance to get creative in an unusual practice, hanging from aerial hoops, silk fabrics and even a hammock.
“Aerial Yoga Classes and Workshops which include full inversions as well as Aerial Yin & Restorative Yoga. Our style still follows the teachings and principles of traditional Yoga but with the added benefit of flowing with a soft silk hammock. Classes included Pranayama (breathwork) and Yoga Nidra (Relaxation). The Aerial Yoga hammock is a fantastic tool to enhance your practice – Just like any mat-based yoga there are many different styles and intensities of Aerial Yoga. You can have really intense, dynamic forms of mat-based yoga which include arm balances and handstands and you can have really chilled forms of mat-based yoga with slow mindful movements and long holds. The same applies for Aerial Yoga.” said Tania

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