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Allow us to introduce you to Mary Regan, of Full & Plenty, a family owned business in Marshmeadow. Supported by the loving efforts of her sisters, Ger and Helen, as well as her nephew, Eoghan, Mary took over the reins of the store from Alex and Jolly at the turn of the year. The Regan’s are no strangers to the world of produce, honing their skills on their native soil in the local Enniscorthy soil. Their farm, has been a beacon of organic certification since 2006, and has been supplying a bounty of healthy, sustainable food to our local farmers market and numerous specialty food shops throughout our region. While they’ve long been nurturing their fields, they now embark on a new venture of running a retail shop, turning it into a haven of natural and specialty products. Their journey so far has been graced by overwhelming community support – and Mary was quick to extend the family’s heartfelt gratitude to everyone for this encouragement. Mary, the driving force that she is, plans to deepen their collaboration with local producers.

This summer, Regan’s Full & Plenty will be the go-to outlet for anyone with an abundance of fresh produce looking for a platform to sell it. Further strengthening community bonds, they plan to establish a traditional community board in the store. This will serve as a communal space to showcase local talents and services, embodying their core value – community. More exciting plans include the introduction of eco refills, underscoring their commitment to sustainability. Regan’s Full & Plenty isn’t just a business; it’s a movement encompassing two fundamental philosophies.

Firstly, it’s a celebration of organic and free-range local produce, accompanied by an assortment of specialty items. Secondly, it’s a specialty in its own right, offering unique products that are truly one-of-a-kind. The ethos of their farm – sustainability and recycling – has naturally migrated to the store, shaping it as an extension of their deeply rooted beliefs. And for the coffee enthusiasts amongst us, yes, they will indeed serve coffee! Prepare to sip on some of the best brews while browsing their eco-conscious offerings. Regan’s Full & Plenty is here to fill your hearts, your homes, and your bellies with the finest our region has to offer. Let’s embark on this delightful journey with them, nurturing and celebrating our local treasures together!

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Tuesday to Friday: 9.00 - 17:00 Saturday: 9.00 - 16:00