Jin-Ai-Kan Karate Academy New Ross

Founded by two dedicated instructors, Sensei Catrina and Sensei Marius, JIN-AI-KAN Karate Academy has been operating in New Ross as a Karate academy for nearly a decade – They offer a blend of ancient fighting techniques intertwined with peaceful philosophies.
Both Catrina and Marius are passionate about the spirit and integrity of Japanese Martial Arts. Their combined experience exceeds 30 years on the mat – The classes operate from the Geraldine O’Hanrahan’s GAA Clubhouse, and the academy welcomes men, women, and children.
“Karate is more than just a sport,” they often say. “It’s a way of life that instils confidence, discipline, respect, coordination, loyalty, honour, and courage. Beyond self-defence, it will offer personal growth and enhances focus, which is invaluable for students in their academic pursuits.”
The academy affiliates with the SKIF (Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation), one of the world’s largest martial arts organisations and throughout the year, students at JIN-AI-KAN have the privilege of participating in seminars led by expert Japanese instructors.
As JIN-AI-KAN celebrate reaching an incredible milestone, it’s clear that the academy have an important role to play within the community. To those contemplating “learning a new skill,” this might just be the perfect place to start.

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