Penguin Moto Grill

Chef/owner Massimo Coppola and his niece Kelly are making some of the best traditional Neapolitan pizza in the South East. For the past two (…interrupted) years, the people of New Ross have been discovering this for themselves at this newly installed Moto inspired heaven. The restaurant is so well designed that it gives you a feeling of sitting in a garage-turned-cafe – that just happens to be serving classic recipes such as Marinara & Margherita – all originating from Naples, the birthplace of pizza.

Massimo spent months undertaking an intensive educational project – training to learn the authentic Neapolitan technique of making pizza. (Neapolitans are some of the most knowledgeable and opinionated people in the world!) The restaurant’s dough is made fresh daily using a type of flour which ferments for at least 24 hours…..and flash cooked all in accordance with Neapolitan pizza tradition, leaving it soft and floppy with an airy crust.

This motorcycle-influenced grill is seriously, worth a look. Naturally, being a motorcycle owner is not required for admission, but given the decor inside and the conversations you will definitely leave having an appreciation for motorcycle culture….and one hell of a tasty pizza is guaranteed!

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