Polyfoam Insulation

Say hello to New Ross man Patrick Kinsella
Patrick has designed his new business Polyfoam Insulation to counter the impact of rising energy costs – With 16 years experience inside the construction industry, owner of well-known PK Construction has been building energy-efficient homes since 2006, the new venture will offer versatile polyurethane foams for residential and commercial buildings… It is used for insulating walls, gap filters, and panels in doors and windows. It is also used as a weatherproof sealant as it covers irregular and hard-to-insulate shapes.
“Friends and family had been asking for tips on how to make a difference before winter costs come around. A home loses up to 30% of its heat through the walls and 30% through a poorly insulated attic.” “Insulation can reduce your energy use and your bills, helping both your home and wallet.” “spiralling costs need to be addressed industry wide, but we hope our new business can contribute to it proportionately, especially locally!”

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