Ronan’s Fish Shop

On Wexford Street there is a cute lime-washed cottage with bright blue trim that is about to celebrate 50 years in business – Ronan’s Fish Shop! As Kai and Lee Ronan step into their 50th year of business, the legacy of Duncannon Smokehouse continues to grow – The second-generation smokers ensure that their personal touch is present in every aspect of the operation. Their smoked salmon, described by many as one of the best, boasts a silky texture and a delicate flavour profile. The balance of salt and smoke perfectly complements the fish’s natural aroma, making it a favourite among many.
The story of Duncannon Smokehouse began in 1974 when the late Frank Ronan, a passionate butcher and fish lover, decided to pivot from what was at the time a saturated butcher market of New Ross.
Inspired by Kai’s grandmother, Liane, who had a passion for experimenting with smoked salmon recipes at home, the Smokehouse’s signature recipe was born. Remarkably, this recipe remains largely unchanged to this day. The secret to their product’s exceptional quality isn’t in its complexity, but in the meticulous care with which it’s prepared.
(FYI….One might be surprised to learn that the big AFOS smoker, which plays a pivotal role in the smoking process, is the very same one Frank Ronan installed at the business’s inception.)

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