Temperature Therapy Sports Spa

Introducing Shane Doyle and a first-of-a-kind business in New Ross – A Temperature Therapy Sports Spa facility for advanced recovery therapy. Shane has transformed the Butlersland Industrial Unit – installed four ice baths, infrared saunas – The facility is suitable for people aged from 16 years – offerings are unique treatments, tailored for individuals and groups, lasting for 45 minute to aid recovery and boost physical and mental health.
Shane said “We are a facility dedicated to enhancing your body’s natural recovery processes, both physically and mentally. Our relaxing environment will introduce you to one of nature’s most potent therapeutic stressors: extreme cold – our ice baths. We also have a Triple Mineral Infrared Sauna, designed to stimulate body recovery. The warmth from an infrared sauna goes deeper than that of a traditional sauna, and maintains a much more comfortable temperature. Shane added “The contrast between our cold baths and soothing heat is an age old method to address both physical and mental strains.”

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