You may have seen the new Tirlán Store in Marshmedows, well the guys have harnessed all that’s great about Glanbia to bring it with them into the future as Tirlán.
For more than 14 years, Glanbia has been the cornerstone of the gardening community in New Ross, setting standards with its outstanding array of flowers, ornamental shrubbery, and upscale garden homeware.
Operating as the national hub for the garden centre and supplies store of all 52 CountryLife stores, each now step forward with the new brand identity. The name ‘Tirlán’ is steeped in cultural significance. ‘Tir’, meaning land, combined with ‘lán’, which signifies full, paints the picture of a land of abundance. This is a testament to the brand’s promise to provide a comprehensive range of gardening needs.
Guiding the helm of this transformation is Brian and his team, who carry forward their ethos of customer service under the new banner. These garden enthusiasts are still committed to offering the same quality of service to their patrons, their wealth of knowledge as fertile as ever. The team remains steadfast in their dedication to assist with any gardening conundrums that may arise.

2 reviews

  1. Been there many times staff is always friendly and very helpful. Brilliant garden centre always good variety. Big selection in the shop. Highly recommend to anyone. Big thumbs-up. Very competitive. Place Very tidy!

  2. Been in Tirlan recently very friendly staff, on the counter and in the yard. Great shop to pick up things and have lots on offer!!

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