Youth New Ross

When Youth New Ross-​ (YNR) ​was established ​three decades ago to serve ​families in New Ross and the surrounding area​​, not even the people behind the innovative project could have envisaged it becoming such a success.​

Founded in 1994 with a fundamental belief in the potential of youth​ ​it has been ​led​ by ​local people from the community for the community​​. This makes it one of the most unique facilities of its kind in the country, and contributes in no small measure to the success story it is today.​ ​The aim of​ YNR is to provid​e​ a range of youth and family services in partnership with other services and with​ ​the support of volunteers. There are a variety of youth and family based services provided within Youth New Ross which cover a broad spectrum of support and care to young people and their families in the community.

As they reflect on the last 30 years and the issues faced, they know their work is far from done. Never before has there been such urgency to amplify the voices, energy, and support of youth. However, the success of this project – proves that community spirit is alive and well, and continuing to thrive….and long may it continue.

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