The Scariest Place You Can Visit In Ireland – Loftus Hall

Down an isolated road on the Hook Peninsula sits the nation's most notorious haunted house.

Down an isolated road on the Hook Peninsula sits the nation’s most notorious haunted house Loftus Hall, a large, eerie mansion which is said to have been haunted by the devil and by the ghost of a young woman.  (is your skin is crawling yet ?)

Thousands of tourists visit every year to feel the unsettling atmosphere for themselves and if ever a building fit the stereotype of a home which is haunted by its bloody, tragic and dark past, it’s here. The historic walls have seen invasion, plague, famine and numerous personal tragedies, many of which live on as ghostly legends still told today. The recorded history of Loftus Hall and the land upon which it sits stretches back some 800 years, but locals believe that the significance of the site goes back thousands of years and was once sacred to the druids, the high-ranking professional and religious class in ancient Celtic culture.

It is believed that one night in Loftus Hall during a game of cards a stranger with cloven hoofs exposed himself as the devil to Anne Tottenham and her guests . He then transformed into a ball of fire and shot up through the roof, leaving behind a huge hole that has never been able to be repaired It is said that from this time onwards, Anne’s health decreased until she passed away leaving Loftus Hall plagued by severe poltergeist activity.

Loftus Hall is indeed haunted by its dark and troubled history. Visitors say they can almost feel the sadness and traumas that have taken place within its walls…quite literally as a skeletal remains of a tiny infant were once found in the wall of the tapestry room during renovations and it remains a centre of strange activity. But does the ghost of Anne still roam the cold and empty rooms of the mansion as it stands today ? Many are convinced the answer is yes.

Thomas Beavis made headlines worldwide in 2014 when he visited the house and captured this image of a shadowy lurker looking out the window…

In 1983, Loftus Hall was purchased by Michael Deveraux who opened it as ‘Loftus Hall Hotel’. Michael died in the Hall and his wife struggled for several years trying to run the hotel on her own, until one night she took off without any explanation, leaving everything behind….

The gory legend has it that the intricate mosaic tiled floor which is laid beyond the front door…..That two Italian tilers were brought over to Loftus Hall to create this floor. They used  complex patterns and artful designs. When they were finished instead of rewarding their craftsmen for a job well done. The family removed the two Italian men to the field in front of the house and severed their hands. So that they could never recreate the tiled pattern ( which is covered with masonic symbolism ) in another property.

(How about that skin, still not crawling…)


The movie “The Lodgers” filmed in the house and gardens of Loftus Hall in  2016. Which coincidentally was the 666th anniversary year of the house.
Now available on netflix



  • Loftus Hall is open until the end of August. Tours running daily and then comes back alive for the Halloween season.
  • Over 18’s you can submerge yourself in the full “Lockdown” experience. Where you will be led by experienced Paranormal Investigators accessing upstairs areas too. Your night will begin at 8:30pm, when you will be briefed. Once fully prepped, you will be guided inside Loftus Hall where your Lockdown will commence. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions from the investigation team leads throughout.
  • Information on all these tours can found online at loftushall

Anne Tottenham Tour of Loftus Hall

The new Saturday **(over 18’s) Anne Tottenham Tour.  Will you dare believe in paranormal experiences ? Do you believe someone was tugging at your clothing, whispering in your ear, breathing heavy on your neck… Find out for yourself.

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