Visitors to New Ross often miss out on experiencing some of the key historical and heritage sites of the town by confining themselves to a downtown stroll.

One of those sites played a significant role at a turning point in Irish history. The Three Bullet gate is commemorated in the Irish National Anthem as The Bearna Baoil (The Gap of Danger) and in many other patriotic poems and songs.

Had the United Irishman attack on the town of New Ross, June 5th 1798 succeeded, the green flag would surely “have floated from shore to shore”.

The 1798 Rebellion in Ireland was inspired by the republican ideals of both the French and American Revolutions.

Visitors to New Ross can stand at this historic site and visualise the ferociousness of the battle on that day and walk in the footsteps of the participants along the same streets and lanes as they fought their way through the town.

Guided walking tours are available to embellish the experience with background context and anecdotes of people, places and events along the route.



Myles Courtney, New Ross Street Focus.